liz_marcs (liz_marcs) wrote,

Gah! Guess Who's Posting Her Apocabigbang Story Tonight?

Just fair warning.

Tonight I'll be posting my apocabigbang story tonight, all 75 pages, all ~22,000 words, all 4 parts tonight.

Oh, did I mention that I had to re-write the last 20 pages of this monstrosity (yes, the entire fourth part) after work last night when I discovered that the pages had copletely disappeared?

As in: Disappeared. Kapput. Evaporated. Sayōnara, Señorita.

It was fucking gone.

Thankfully I have a very good memory and was able to reconstruct it. Most of it. Pretty sure, anyway.

Typo-picking before and during posting should be just and absolute joy.

God help me, dealing with this story has been a complete clusterfuck from the word go.

Trust me when I tell you, I plan to bitch about in the next few days. Just keep your eyes on this space.

In any case, there will be also links to a soundtrack by krilymcc and artwork by tinylegacies linked with the story. Be sure to drop by and give them positive comments for their work on this, because I have royally sucked in giving them a hand. (See, "this story has been a completely clusterfuck from the word go" for my reasons why.)

Anyway, pertinent information under the cut for those who are interested in reading The Monsters are Due in Washington Square

Title: The Monsters Are Due in Washington Square
Author: Lizbeth Marcs
Summary: Nothing's the same after the monsters come to town.
Genre: Gen; Apoca-fic, dark fic, future fic
Rating: PG-13
Series: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel the Series
Characters: Xander, Faith, Willow, Angel, original characters
Pairings: Xander/OC; Xander/Faith (referred to in the past tense)

Warnings: Buffy and Angel comics are willfully and cheerfully ignored.

Author's Note: Title inspired by The Twilight Zone episode, “The Monsters are Due on Maple Street” written by series creator Rod Serling. Opening quote taken from The Twilight Zone episode, “Third from the Sun” written by Rod Serling. Story vaguely inspired by a mash-up of both “The Monsters are Due on Maple Street” and “Third from the Sun”.

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