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Whoa! Muppet Exhibit at the National Heritage Museum in Lexington!

Okay, what the hell?

The museums in the 'burbs around Boston have apparently decided to put together all kinds of cool spring events.

First it's Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation hosting the New England Steampunk Festival (information at the link).

Now The National Heritage Museum (part of the Smithsonian Institutions) in Lexington, MA is hosting the Jim Henson's Fantastic World exhibition starting this weekend through to June 27. There also appears to be a whole bunch of events that are tied in to the exhibit.

And...oooooo. They already have Podcasts of the exhibit available.

And because the National Heritage Museum is a Smithsonian, your admission is paid for courtesy of the taxpayer. That's right. Entrance into the exhibit is FREE!

(See this? This right here? This is why I don't mind paying taxes, even on the years I get zonked with an IRS bill. Me love the Smithsonian and All Its Works.)

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