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Unemployment: Day 1

I've sent out feelers, and a few people have sent me links. Hopefully, that'll bear fruit.

Did some noodling around on Web sites last night, and found a few positions that seem to fit me fairly well. Turns out that for medical writing, if you have enough experience, the fact you only have a bachelor's degree doesn't appear to matter in this field. In fact, a couple of positions specifically list "journalism degree" with requisite experience as something that counts as qualified, despite the fact they're science-wonky positions. Thank God.

So, let's count the good here:

1. I'm on good terms with everyone I worked with, some of whom are on LinkedIn and will write me recommendations on my splash on my page. I'll have zero problems getting positive references from my most recent co-workers and bosses.

2. I have a sneaking suspicion that a few small freelance projects are going to pop up at my now-former company over the summer, in large part because my whole department was gutted down to almost nothing, and I'm already on the "please call" list.

3. LinkedIn has a sooper sekrit job bank that has a few jobs listed, and there are some people in my LinkedIn network who know people who know about the jobs. This is hopeful.

4. I just have to remember how hard it was for my current company to find qualified candidates back when they were hiring and unemployment was still high-ish (but not as high as now). We couldn't even get people to agree to take the writing test, which was the pre-requisite for getting hired. Here's hoping the trend holds.

5. I still have my complete resume on file.

6. I can cut some spending, I have some savings, my parents are gearing up the "gift card to grocery stores" campaign, and my company won't fight the unemployment claim. I just have to be vewy, vewy careful about my finances.

6a. Doesn't quite go with 4, but is kind of in the same vein: I can always sell off my massive DVD and CD collection via the magic of Amazon. I plan to start doing this as soon as severance runs out.

7. If nothing else, I have plenty of options to keep physically active in the meantime. I've already pre-payed for my kayaking back in February, which gives me a reason to get out of the house for at least an hour in the morning. I also have a WiiFit as an alternative to Y. (I will be canceling my membership today if they don't have a special program for the unemployed. And although swimming lessons are out, my housing complex has a pool and I bought two bathing suits last week. Plus, walking around the block in my as-close-as-you-can-get-to-barefoot is a fourth option.

8. My Costco membership is already paid up for the next year.

9. I just got my upgrade from Verizon to a free SmartPhone (the HTC Eris aka looks like and iPhone, but it ain't), so I can stay in touch with anything that comes over the transom via email.

10. My health insurance is good until the end of the month. Even if the Senate gridlock blocks extension of mini-COBRA, I can get something cheaper and HMO-ish through MASS HealthConnect that might be cheaper.

11. ALL OF YOU! Thank you for your well-wishes. I will respond to everyone, I swear. But right now my brain still hurts and I have paperwork I have to read over before I sign my life away.

The Bad:

Unfortunately, in the middle of the night my stomach decided to rebel — which woke me up right out of a sound sleep. Thank heavens I don't have a mess to clean up, but right now I have the chills and feel out-and-out miserable.

And I have to go back to my now-former company to pack up my desk and sign paperwork early this afternoon. Wheeeee!

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