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Being Unemployed Is Hard Work

Got an e-mail regarding one of the two positions I applied to last week.

Not a simple acknowledgment one from when I uploaded my resume (I already got that).

A second one from HR. Yes, it was a form-ish e-mail in template, except that it had been customized, and the email linked directly to a general departmental e-mail, as opposed the Web site automated response e-mail.

I'll take it as a hopeful sign, but not get my hopes up, especially since it'll take a couple of weeks for them to decide whether or not to even call.

In other news:

Is it a bad sign that thanks to stress and hiding at the Y that I've lost 7 pounds in one week? Because that looks way to fast. I have to be really mindful of this because my relationship to food gets very, very weird when I'm stressed out.

It's one of those things that people don't realize, unless you're Brother!Marcs. This results in conversations like this:

Parents: Gee, she was surprisingly not stressed out at all! We don't think it's hit her yet.

Brother: She's stressed. She's mega stressed. She's so stressed, that the tension in her muscles can probably power an entire city for a year.

Parents: She didn't seem stressed.

Brother: She was stressed. You can tell because she wasn't eating more than four mouthfuls of food in a single day.

In all seriousness, I don't have an eating disorder. It's just that when I'm under high stress, my appetite disappears and I forget to eat. Someone has to quite literally remind me to eat. This has resulted in some interesting weight plummets in the past.

In any case, I manged to get the sleepies out of my system over the weekend, culminating in this morning (12 hours straight of sleep). I feel about 200% better than I did yesterday. Hooray!

I'm kind of hoping that I'll be able to get on some kind of schedule starting tomorrow and actually accomplish a few things beyond picking up business cards. Like calling some contacts that had been forwarded to me and having an actual professional conversation where I don't sound stoned out of my mind.

Hopefully at some point this week I can start on my Remix. I already picked out a story, it's just a matter of reviewing a few things on DVD before I tackle it.

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