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My Kitchen Is No Longer a Fire Trap...And Neither Is My Brain

God, have I mentioned how much I love love all of you?

I mean, a burning love. I've met some of you in real life and I know that you don't fall into the same chubby chick category that I do. Just knowing that you, too, can't get half-way decent clothing, or have the same problems at some of the same stores I went to made me feel a hell of a lot better.

It also explains why Nordstrom's appears to be doing relatively better than other department/clothing stores as well, doesn't it? I'm not all for sales people mauling you the second you walk through the door, but having sales people who offer to help you and then actually know the merchandise? Priceless. There's quite a fanclub going on in the post. Who knew, right?

And thanks to people who offered alternative stores. Like I said, I'm in the "on the cusp" sizes between regular women's clothing and the "women's" department, and can fall either way depending on 1) how the store divides the sizes and 2) how the clothing itself is cut. So having more options is always very helpful.

Although it drives me wild that it doesn't seem to matter whether you're in the chubby chick category or are in regular sizes but have the temerity have boobs and hips you have to spend a hefty premium on finding clothes that fit properly and aren't going to fall apart after a half-dozen washes.

*rubs temples like she has a headache*

Because it can't be said enough: I hate the fashion industry.

(Although I have to admit that Project Runway has done quite a lot to make me conscious of clothing quality and how clothes fit on a human body. Who said competitive reality shows can't be educational. Am I right?)

In other news, my kitchen finally doesn't look like a fire trap. I had crammed a lot of crap in my cube over the years at my now-former employer, and just about all of it was piled up in my kitchen. I just didn't have the strength to go through it, what with everything else that had to get done. This meant that my kitchen was a firetrap waiting to happen, especially since I couldn't actually move around in it.

However, the landlord is coming in next week to check the smoke alarms and the CO2 alarms, which meant the kitchen had to be cleared PRONTO, otherwise there were going to be some strong words. And the landlord would be entirely in the right to do so.

I managed to clear the kitchen completely out yesterday, some stuff was boxed and put in the basement, and some stuff got distributed around the apartment. But the important bit is I can actually move around in the kitchen again. Hooray!

This has helped clear my brain, at least for the Remix. I was also finally able to choose a story to Remix. I haven't started writing it yet, but I'm not too fussed. The original story is really short. My Remix will be slightly longer, but I doubt it'll be much longer than what's there because the story doesn't lend itself to that. It's just a matter of re-watching some key episodes on DVD before I get started, and I did most of that last night.

Hooray, says I with a relieved and weary cheer.

I was getting worried that I'd have to back out of Remix this year due to headspace issues. If I hadn't been able to wrap my head around anything by this Wednesday, I was going to inform musesfool that I'd have to bail ASAP because I didn't want to leave anyone hanging up until the last moment because that would truly sucketh the big weenie for everyone who wasn't me if I did.

But, it all kind of worked out. Here's hoping my Remixee won't be disappointed.

Today I've actually got to muck out the apartment (it is dirty, just not cluttered).

The next week begins. Here's hoping things will settle down to being a bit more organized now that the clutter is gone.

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