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My Kitchen is a Mini Steambath

Nothing drives home the amount of water you use like having to BOIL everything you plan to ingest.

Considering that we're going to have to do this for several days (at least), there is no way I'd be buying bottled water even if I was working. That would cost some serious dough.

In any case, I now have something like a gallon and a half of boiled water chilling in my fridge. Keep in mind: this is my second day in a row boiling water to make sure I'll have access to an adequate supply of drinking water.

I feel like such a baby whining about this. How many places in the world don't even have access to a reliable water supply?

We at least have access to plenty of water and the back-up supply is more than adequate to cover water usage needs (provided some idiot doesn't water their lawn or wash their car). Hell, even the back-up supply is reasonably safe if you're a healthy adult, since, in essence, we're all drinking the equivalent of really clean lake water if we don't boil. The real worry is children, pets, and immunocompromised adults.

But still, I can't help but whine about boiling water. Tomorrow, I'm going to attempt to wash dishes "camping style". That means I'm gonna wash everything in regular hot sudsy water. Then I'll stick the microwaveable items in the microwave for a minute to kill the unwanted bacteria. The items I can't microwave I'm going to stick in a bot of freshly boiled water for a minute.


April has been a very unfun month for me.

Can Mercury Retrograde stop now?

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