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Thank you to sunnyd_lite for the cookies. I truly needed that today.

As for me, I'm going slightly crazy thanks to being laid up with my muscle pull. The leg's better today. I still feel a slight twinge, but I'm gonna head to the Y and bike (or maybe use the pool, I dunno) anyway because I'm GOING STARK RAVING MAD!

To everyone in the U.K. — It's nice to know that the U.S. isn't the only country where the electorial process could result in a lot of confusion. A hung parliament? That sounds like a big recipe for not getting a whole lot done in government, so you have my sympathies.

On the upside, your can at least call for an election sooner than every 2 years (House only), 4 years (president only), or 6 years (Senate only, but not the same six years for all Senators so it's not an en masse turnover), so it could be fixed this year if things don't work out. So, bright side right there?

Anyway, I'm fleeing the house. Now. Because I'm going crazy.

The end of Mercury Retrograde cannot come fast enough. (I don't believe in astrology in general. However, Mercury Retrograde does tend to make itself known in my life. Yay for being a double fire sign, I guess.)

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