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I'm taking my own advice...

On much thought and after reading my FList...

Upon being most upset with the overwhelming show of homophobia nationwide last night...

And looking deep in my soul and realizing what my biggest concern about what a second term of a Bush presidency and an overwhelmingly Republican government will give us...

I've printed up a volunteer application for the Massachusetts Chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union. I've filled it out. I plan to send it in.

I hope to get a call to discuss what they need volunteer-wise. I'm thinking of focusing on these specific interests:

  • separation of church and state [huuuuuuge one for me]
  • due process rights
  • privacy rights
  • reproductive rights
  • gender and sexual preference equality
  • freedom of speech

Hopefully they'll accept maybe 8 to 12 hours a month (not sure I could volunteer more time). We'll see when the state chapter gives me a call.

Okay, hardly manning the barricades and not exactly the most helpful thing I can do in building the Donkey Rising network, but truthfully, these are the things that most concern me. I think I'll be worried about these issues for the next four years (minimum).

*fingers crossed*

The application gets mailed when I get home.

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