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Remix iz Up!

As everyone knows by now, the Remix archive is now live! Yay!

I urge everyone to read Taken Over (Stunned Silent Remix), a much, much better-written take on my original ficlet All Yours, which I honestly forgotten I had written. (It also happens to be the porniest thing I've ever written, so you just know the original is flipping awkward because me not much of a porn writer. At all.)

Seriously, the remix is the better story and stands very well on its own. Go give love.

I'm also relieved to note that the original author of the story I remixed likes my version as well. Considering that it's in a fandom I've never written in before (not really a giveaway since there are 128 fandoms represented in the Remix this year) and caused me no end of hell in writing it (RL didn't help), I can only breathe a huge sigh of relief. Because, honestly, I had no idea what the hell I was doing!

I'm definitely ready for the original author and other people in her fandom to scratch their heads and ask who the hell I am after the reveal, because we barely share anyone in common on LJ or DW.

Heee! I guess that's what makes the Remix so much fun, yes?

I have other fannish-type news which I'll post in a few days (hopefully tomorrow, but no guarantees given the way life is going right now), but I don't want to post it now because I don't want to interfere with with Remix post.

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