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Letter from the Kerry Campaign...

I dropped my volunteer application in the mail for the Massachusetts chapter of the ACLU last night. If I don't hear from them in 10 days, I'll call the office to make sure they got it.

At any rate, I opened my hotmail account this a.m. and saw the letter from the Kerry campaign. The content is probably very similar to his concession speech.

Earlier today I spoke to President Bush, and offered him and Laura our congratulations on their victory. We had a good conversation, and we talked about the danger of division in our country and the need, the desperate need, for unity for finding the common ground, coming together. Today, I hope that we can begin the healing.

In America, it is vital that every vote counts, and that every vote be counted. But the outcome should be decided by voters, not a protracted legal process. I would not give up this fight if there was a chance that we would prevail. But it is now clear that even when all the provisional ballots are counted, which they will be, there won't be enough outstanding votes for our campaign to be able to win Ohio. And therefore, we cannot win this election.

It was a privilege and a gift to spend two years traveling this country, coming to know so many of you. I wish I could just wrap you in my arms and embrace each and every one of you individually all across this nation. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you.

To all of you, my volunteers and online supporters, all across this country who gave so much of themselves, thank you. Thanks to William Field, a six-year-old who collected $680, a quarter and a dollar at a time selling bracelets during the summer to help change America. Thanks to Michael Benson from Florida who I spied in a rope line holding a container of money. It turned out he raided his piggy bank and wanted to contribute. And thanks to Alana Wexler, who at 11 years old and started Kids for Kerry.

I thank all of you, who took time to travel, time off from work, and their own vacation time to work in states far and wide. You braved the hot days of summer and the cold days of the fall and the winter to knock on doors because you were determined to open the doors of opportunity to all Americans. You worked your hearts out, and I say, don't lose faith. What you did made a difference, and building on itself, we will go on to make a difference another day. I promise you, that time will come -- the election will come when your work and your ballots will change the world, and it's worth fighting for.

I'm proud of what we stood for in this campaign, and of what we accomplished. When we began, no one thought it was possible to even make this a close race, but we stood for real change, change that would make a real difference in the life of our nation, the lives of our families, and we defined that choice to America. I'll never forget the wonderful people who came to our rallies, who stood in our rope lines, who put their hopes in our hands, who invested in each and every one of us. I saw in them the truth that America is not only great, but it is good.

So here -- with a grateful heart, I leave this campaign with a prayer that has even greater meaning to me now that I've come to know our vast country so much better and that prayer is very simple: God bless America.

Thank you,

John Kerry

[Bolding emphasis mine]

Compare that message with one left by damocleaze in my comments.

Now...for those of you who decided to stay really wanna kick us Republicans in the butt, really get on our nerves and make us curse every day of our lives....Make yourselves useful. Go out in your communities and make a difference instead of spending your time posting on blogs and complaining about the President of the United States...he's got a hard enough job as it is and really doesn't need the added crap from hangers on.


Why, damocleaze!

You'll be pleased to know that Unfiltered on Air America this morning is in complete agreement with you. They're urging their listeners to remain a thorn in the side of the Executive, Legistlative, and Judicial branches. They're urging them to haunt the fourth estate. They want them getting active on the local level so we can take out your people in local offices one by one.

By the mid-term elections 2006, you're going to have an energized, radicalized bunch of progressives chomping at the bit to kick your lot in the ass and take back Congress, because you are right, checks and balances are sooooo important. Thanks to the Election of 2004, that point has been driven home and you're not going to be too happy when we start showing our teeth.

At long last, it appears the right and the left are finally agreeing on something. Pity it's that the progressives have decided that we're taking the country away from you instead of just falling on our swords and wailing.

We did that yesterday.

Today is a whole new day.

The progressives are already starting to target the Republican slow and weak. They're very much hoping that Bush appoints McCain and Frist to fill roles in the administration (their names are flying around as appointments as is Guiliani's). Guess what? Empty Senate seats where the replacement by law is appointed by the governor. And need I point out: TN and AZ have Democratic governors?

You may laugh now.

Personally, I think there's a very good chance that McCain was promised something and the Bush family has a habit of holding their enemies closer. So I'm going to bet that we're picking up at least one Senate seat. And the Pacific Northwest Republicans are more and more voting along Democratic party lines. I think Bush is going to have a difficult time getting everything he wants for the next four years shoved through Congress.


This is going to be a hella lot of fun for two years. See ya in 2006, buddy.

In the meantime, I'll be volunteering with the ACLU. You ever run into trouble with the cops and you give us a call, I promise not to laugh in your face and hang up on you since, you know, they help everyone, including people that would like them to shut up and go away.

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