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This Is Why I Pay Taxes...

I went to the Career Center to roleplay an interview and...


Epic meltdown was EPIC!

It was the kind of thing where my meltdown would not be out of place in either a Greek tragedy or a hilarious sitcom episode. Your choice. (I choose to think, "Hilarious sitcom episode...that ends in tragedy.")

It was deeply pathetic. I sounded like a meth addict who should be screaming in traffic, as opposed to someone actually professional. It was that bad.

Thankfully, the Career Center person took pity on me. Gave me a few tips and tricks to prepare, and then cleared his full schedule of a spot on Monday afternoon so we could give it another go.

Yes. The epic meltdown was that EPIC!

Needless to say, I left the Career Center feeling about >>this tall<<, because I knew what I did wrong (see: sounded like a meth addict). The guy who roleplayed with me was surprised that I had a fairly clear-eyed assessment of every no-no I no-noed, which I think played a big role in his deciding to make an extra effort on my behalf and schedule another roleplay session.

I wanted to kiss the guy for doing this. And I'm not being in the least bit ironic here.

Of course, right now I feel like wailing, "I'll never, ever, ever get a job because I'm such a loser and can't even form a coherent sentence about why I want to work for you!"

ARGHARGHARGHARGH! And I did so well in the interview workshops! The second the pressure is on, I apparently crumble like cheap cheddar cheese.

Anyway, after I walked out of the Careed Center, I went shoe-shopping. I know what you're thinking. It's such a girly thing to do.

But in all seriousness, the need for better shoes to go to interviews wearing was driven home to me last night. I attended a professional event wearing my interview skirt to "try it out". The skirt got compliments, but I could see that my normal dressy shoes made me look like someone had cut off my feet at the ankles.

Heavy shoes with substantial skirt makes me look like I've got the calves of a cow and now feet. Seriously.

And they say that Project Runway ain't educational.

In any case, I managed to find a decent pair of shoes at DSW at a price that was half-way decent. So at least now that's taken care of.

Now I have to work up some fake interview questions and come up with answers that sound confident without sounding rehearsed.

Here's hoping that I don't suck next week.

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