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I Have Yummy Farm-Grown Rainier Cherries

Yesterday I felt like someone had taken a Mac truck and run me over several times. I was that sore. No, it wasn't the result of vigorous exercise. More like a case of all that stress trying to work its way out.

The background check paperwork has been submitted, and I mailed out a batch of thank you cards at the Post Office this morning. The last in-lobby pick-up for mail is 1 p.m., so good shot that the recipients will get them Monday/Tuesday.

Here's hoping nothing crops up to delay my start date.

In any case, I'm looking at my to-do list next week and the sheer size is making me dizzy. The big thing? Clothes shopping. At least it's workplace casual, so that's something. But considering that the work uniform at my last job was jeans (not torn) and t-shirts (no holes), this counts as a major upgrade in the wardrobe. Yikes!

Then there's getting my air conditioner installed, dealing with some state paperwork, and figuring out what to do with COBRA.

[I need to have some kind of outside insurance for at least a month or two — it's a function of my quick hire and not a reflection on Awesome Company. I might drop my lousy COBRA plan in favor of one of the much, much better state plans. I would've done it sooner, but the Feds reimburse part of the COBRA cost while you're on unemployment so that it's the cheapest option. If I lose the reimbursement, I'm much better off going with the state. It's half the cost for much better coverage.]

And did I mention I'm going to spend next week training myself to get up at a much earlier hour and doing commute dry runs? It's the only way to make sure that I'm not a zombie the week I actually start work.

The list is even longer than that. No wonder I'm feeling dizzy looking at it.

In any case, as I passed the Farmers' Market on the way home from the Post Office today, I realized that I figured out how to reward myself.

Fresh fruit!

The haul: pint of farm-fresh Rainier Cherries (now well on its way to being gone), a quart of farm-fresh strawberries (in the fridge), and two pork chops from free-range Tamworth pigs (pricey...but delicious). Total cost? Less than $30. I'm clearly a cheap-ish (but not totally cheap) date.

I want to thank everyone for their well-wishes yesterday. I'm completely overwhelmed. Thank you, all of you, for your support. I mean that.

I want to respond right away, but unfortunately I have to get going. I have to get ready to go to the 'rents and I probably won't be back until tomorrow night.

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