liz_marcs (liz_marcs) wrote,

Baby's First Week...

Working at the Jolly Green Giant (my pet nickname for my new place of work) has been...revelatory.

I've never worked in a place that's so busy and so laid back at the same time. And people are nice. I'm talking relentlessly nice. Random people come up and pay you compliments for your brain because they know you're new and possibly overwhelmed. It's just...

Bizarre. Nice, but bizarre.

It seems to be the corporate culture, which...yay!

And strangely enough, my high-strung self seems to be responding to this in a good way. I haven't felt the urge to beat anyone to death, a nearly weekly occurrence at Previous Employer.

Wow. The last two to three years at Previous Employer seriously sucked. I'm only just now getting how much. It doesn't help that certain financial shenanigans on the part of Previous Employer have recently come to my attention. The problem is that I can't get any of my friends from my last job (many of whom have left or are on their way out the door) to back me if I report the issue to the Proper Authorities. Gah! It's frustrating.

Still, I'll keep beating the drum until I flush out someone, and if I don't...I'm kind of SOL. All I've got is a handful of puzzle pieces, a gut instinct, and a bunch people on my FList and in RL (one of whom was an accountant for the People's Republic of Massachusettes) who've assured me that my gut is not wrong.

But I don't have a shred of actual proof.

I suspect that I'll be summarily dismissed if I don't get at least one of my former co-workers to report with me.

In other news, my desktop computer seems to be on its last legs. From the way it's acting, I'm guessing the motherboard is dying. Considering the computer is 6 years-old, I'm not bitching too much about it.

At least it waited until after I got my nifty new job at Jolly Green Giant before starting its death throes.

I'm pretty sure I can hold out for a couple of weeks before having to invest in something new. In the meantime, I'm going to have to carefully yank my non-backed-up files off my desktop and transfer them to my laptop so I'm not SOL before it finally goes kaput. Yay 2GB memory sticks. Right now I'm so glad that I've got a zillion of you to aid in this issue.

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