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Need Someone to ExplainDW points...

Either I'm being especially dense, or the FAQ explaining how DW points work is really poorly written. I can't decide which.

Can someone explain to me how the point system works?

I just bought the mid-level account last week, but I would like to buy "points" so I can upload all of my icons to my DW account (I only want the icons, not the full premium).

The FAQ page is less than helpful in explaining how to go about this, unless I want to convert my regular paid to a premium account. Which I don't, honestly.

Okay, got an explanation. You can't buy DW points and exchange them for extra services a la cart, i.e., extra icons. You either gotta buy the premium account for the extra icons, or you settle for the lower number of icons at the regular paid account level.

Which is...fair enough. I don't have any problems with that (not that I'm going to be ponying up for a premium account any time soon because I'm really not).

That still doesn't negate the fact that the whole "buy DW points for your friends!" entry on the FAQ really needs to be more clearly written to spell out DW's actual policy on points and what they're used for.

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