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A Big Thank You

A big thank you to everyone who offered encouragement in a rebellion that is turning out to be a bit of a slog.

All I can say is: Thank God for the job at the Jolly Green Giant. If I didn't have a place to get away from my apartment and the phone, I'd go nuts for sure.

In any case, my poking people with a sharp poke-y stick has worked out. Turns out the one member of our merry band who sounded like he was fluffing off the whole business was actually in over his head because his life was sucking out loud. The "business of being a co-conspirator" as I've come to call it, was just one more load on top of a mountain of suck and he couldn't deal.

Considering that my life wasn't sucking out loud and I was having a hard time dealing, I honestly can't blame him there.

All he needed was someone to spend a couple hours on the phone with him (to whit, me) to walk him through the process, and he was good to go and ready to take on the world.

One other wavering person slapped some brass on her ovaries and finally took the plunge. We didn't talk, but I bet she being sick of my voicemail messages pushed her over the edge.

Which is to say, I thought I was done with late nights after I dumped my packet of bad on our Knight-for-Hire, but as it turned out, not so much.

Now we're waiting on one person who, whenever I poke her seems raring to go, but doesn't actually do anything after I hang up the phone.

Since we can't move forward unless we all move forward, we've given her a drop-deadline and plan to pounce next week if she doesn't get her shit together. We're moving forward, with or without her at this point. We're going to be damned if she hangs us up one more week.

Guess who gets to deliver that piece of news to Her Highness?

Yeah. Great. Allow me to wham my head against the wall. Sometimes I wonder what I was thinking. The only thing pulling me through is the idea that the end result will be worth it.

Because one way or the other, we're storming the beach before Christmas.

That's when the real fun begins.

I'm kind of looking forward to it. And I'm kind of not.

In other news, I just realized that I never finished transferring Reaping the Whirlwind to this journal.


If ever I needed proof that real life was getting away from me in a bad way.

I'm going to try finishing that transfer ASAP.

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