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Remix: Letter to My Remixer

First, a small something I want to say about my assignment:

*falls over and dies laughing*

This? Is perfect. It's precisely the very assignment I needed.

I think I set a landspeed record on choosing my story to remix.

And now, on to my annual apology to whoever gets me:

Dear Remixer,

As you can see, I suck at transferring stories from Point A to Point B (or namely, creating copies of them on AO3). You can, however, find every little thing on my handy fic list by clicking this link.

Heck, I even updated it. *beams*

But that's not why I want to apologize.

See, Remixer, it's like this. I'm primarily someone who writes Xander. Faith comes in a distant second. There's also some ensemble stories as well. You'll also notice — at least writing-wise — I favor the gen side of the equation, with a smattering of het. That's not because I don't like slash (hey, I read it) or don't like romance. It's just that I suck at ships.

Just ask people who read my stuff. They'll tell you right out how much I suck at them. Truly. It's like I have this block in my brain that stops me from writing anything that resembles romance. Every time I try, it turns into a adventure/mystery story that's a multi-part epic.

I joke not.

It's kind of sad, really.

In any case, I apologize in advance if you hate Xander or Faith as characters. Or were really hoping for a slash writer to remix. If any of these things are true, I know your pickings are kind of slim because you got me.

But on the upside, there's plenty of ensemble pieces you can choose from. I, ummmm, hope that helps if you'd really prefer to write about someone else.

In any case, I hope you go to town. Bend it. Break it. Mix it up. Change the timeline. Change the setting. Go to town. Do whatever it takes to make the remix work for you.

I'm all about cool stories, especially if they're stories that would've never occurred to me if left to my own devices.

So, I hope you have fun, Remixer (or at least can find a little fun) as you put your creativity to work.

Because the icon I'm showing with this post? I totally all about that.



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