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Remix Madness (in addition to Remix)

I know, I know.

I've been under the radar, what with me writing this year's Remix (which turned out to be a challenge for both obvious and not-obvious reasons) and with RL kind of settling down into a constant medium roar.

So, yeah, lots of updates to be had. Eventually.

In any case, I feel like I need to break out of my writing rut, so yes! I have indeed signed up for Remix Madness, which appears to be a short-term, two-day free-for-all, anything-goes remix challenge.

I'm going to try to ping one or two, to see if that'll help loosen the fic muscles that I seem to be having trouble flexing these days.

It's not writer's block, exactly. It's more like: "Everything I write sucks."

So, yeah. I'm in on the Remix Madness. I just figured I'd boost the signal.

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