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I swear I'm not usually an asshole... (The Better Late than Never Remix)

Now that life is somewhat settling down after a month of work crazy-ness and sick parent-ness and sick me-ness (that would be me this weekend, and I'm still not feeling great)...

I'm finally able to write about Remix. A month late, it's true.

In any case, I will get the stories and my behind-the-scenes exposition up later this week for what I wrote (if anyone still cares).

In the meantime, here's the links:

Traditional Remix:

First off:

Where the Boys Are (The Barbie Dream House Remix) was written by elemntalv

This one remixed Cuckoo in the Nest by focusing specifically on Jessica Harris and what happened the night she went to the frat house.

As I said in my original review, I've always left Cuckoo in the Nest unprotected for the Remix with mixed feelings. I've always wanted someone to at least take a crack at it, but have always been afraid that I'd get something that was...disappointing (to put it diplomatically). The original story was tricky as hell to write, so I figured the remix would be, too.

Elemntalv does an excellent job of bringing a key element of Cuckoo in the Nest to life in what I left as nothing more than a horrific implication. Be warned: the story focuses on Jessica's rape (I'm not calling it non-con) and the long-term effects on her psyche. It also dovetails nicely with Cuckoo in that it goes a long way to explaining why Jessica was willing to deny Xander's existence when it looked like he was out of their lives for good.

I wrote Waiting for My Real Life to Begin (Old Photographs Waltz), which I wrote as a compare-and-contrast mirror-image story to the original Watcher by Zulu.

I will be the first to admit that the genesis of this story was...odd to say the least. It's the first story where I can honestly say that I wrote it completely by accident. So much by accident that I write half of it before I even realized what I was doing. Good thing too, because my original choice never gelled.

I'll explain when I have more time to write a behind the scenes account of how this story came together.

Remix Madness:

After Action Report (The No Complaints At All Remix) was written by Nothorse, a remix of my Complaint in Three Voices. If you're looking for an antidote to the angst and horror stories in this post, this one is it. It's hard to explain, but it's sure to give anyone who reads it a good giggle.

Also, I'd like to add a very public apology to Nothorse. I didn't even realize that this remix existed until today. *winces* I never got notification that it existed, and given my life has been a tad crazy for the past month, I never really got a chance to go through the Remix Madness archive. As a result, no feedback from me until today.

And finally, I wrote Orpheus in the Underground (Dark Minuet), a remix of Eurydice by Thistlerose.

This story is one I've been wanting to remix for a couple of years (yes, the story is that old) using a Xander POV to contrast against the Faith POV in the original. Unfortunately, I've never gotten Thistlerose in the remix, so when I saw she had signed up for Remix Madness, I figured, "Why not do it now?"

In any case, stories and behind-the-scenes discussion of what I did will be up later this week. Promise.

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