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Jaws Redux

I know, it's been almost a month since I posted, well, anywhere.

I've been a bit tied up on the after-work activities, so not a lot of time to actually participate in the greater journaling world.

But this is too good to pass up.

For all you shark fans on my FList, the Boston Globe has a story about how the now annual invasion of great white sharks off the coast of Cape Cod (or if you want to get specific, off the coast of Chatham, MA) has once again shut down the beaches in the area.

Now, you'd think that the people of Chatham (and the Cape in general) might be hopping mad about this due to loss of tourist dollars.

You'd also be wrong.

As it turns out, since the great white sharks have decided to make the coast of Massachusetts a regular stop on its "Annual Eating Our Way Across the Atlantic Tour", tourism has increased. The locals are raking in the dough in a way they never did when the town was a quiet little beach community. And scientists are living in heaven.

The harbor seals, however...


Behold this awesome picture from the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries that ran in today's Globe for some visual proof:

A great white shark stalks harbor seals off the coast of Lighthouse Beach in Chatham, MA — Photo from the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries

I'm sorry. But that picture? Made me giggle. Okay, I feel sorry for the seals, but that shark, man.

In any case, there are now Shark Watching Tours starting up on the Cape (now that we know that the great whites are pretty much here to stay after several years' worth of visits). They're kind of like the local Whale Watching Tours, only with the promise of actual blood 'n guts as the sharks snap the seals out of the air like the seals are nothing more than popcorn kernels.

I may have to do one next summer, just to say I did...

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