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This Makes Me Weirdly Happy

First, check out my new icon! Yes, I took the picture. Yes the puffin was that close. Yes, it's shareable. And yes, you must credit moi.

At some point, I really need to upload my "Puffin Safari" pictures online so you can see them.

As for the other reason why I'm posting, for those of you of a certain *kaff kaff* age this video will bring back some really interesting memories.

Some of those memories will make you ask yourself one or all of the following:

• You mean I didn't hallucinate/imagine/dream that?

• Wait. Are you sure you can do that on television? You can't do that on television now.

• How much shit can you get away with because someone, somewhere stuck their hands up the ass of a Muppet?


Anyway, the "Muppet Show Theme Song" by OK Go...with Muppet help.

(Sweetums! They have Sweetums at the beginning! Sweetums is my favorite Muppet monster!)

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