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It Appears My Procrastination Is About to Bite Me in the Ass

So, the only debate about Hurricane Irene at this point is whether it's going to be a Category 2, Category 1, or a "mere" Tropical Storm when it hits us in the People's Republic of Massachusetts.

Then there's the whole, "Will it hit the west end of the state? Or the east end of the state?"

If it hits to the west, then we're going to have higher winds across the state, i.e., flying cows. And yes, there are plenty of cows in the People's Republic. (I know because I've been happily eating them, and the local pigs all summer. Yum.) If it hits to the east, we're going to a metric fuckton of rain, as opposed to just the fuckload you'd expect to get.

So, which poison should I hope for?

Decisions, decisions.

In either case, it occurs to me that hopping in the pool after work is probably not the best use of time. I should probably hit up the grocery store for some staples rather than counting on the Farmer's Market being open tomorrow morning.


Plus there's gas. And laundry I've studiously not done all week.

Truly, I have screwed myself here.

Well, yes and no. It's not like I'm going to starve, but it might behoove me to pick up a few odds-n-sods.

Also, note to self, I must make sure the cell phone and the NookColor are fully charged, since I may be hunting for things to do when the power goes out.

Yeah. The to-do list is a wee bit longer than I thought.

I expect I'll be falling into bed at about...oh...3 a.m. by the time all's said and done.

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