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Why, oh why do I bother with FB? The knee-jerking, stupid, selfishness is strong there.

Dear former high school classmates living by the credo, "Fuck you, I got mine":

  • To the guy who was a straight-D student in high school actively rooting for the Wall Street Occupation protestors to get beaten and tear gassed because "college students are only protesting the banks because the banks gave them loans to go to college" (say what?) — shut up. You didn't go to college because 1) you were too stupid to go, and 2) you stated that college was a waste of money.

  • To the gal who was the straight-C student in high school who is now a middle school teacher and calling the Wall Street Occupation protestors a bunch of spoiled little kids who don't want to pay their bills (really? have you seen the unemployment rate?) — shut up. I know for a fact your mommy and daddy paid 100% for your college education. You fucking bragged about it when you walked into a restaurant where I was waitressing during my senior year in college and snotted how you couldn't believe that my parents weren't paying 100% for my college because I was sooooooo smart (the "so smart" was said with a smirk). Bragging that you're not going to pay shit towards your own kids' college educations is really fucking rich, coming from you. And where the fuck did you learn how to spell? Because that's some seriously bad spelling there. Plus, your grammar sucks, Teach.

  • To my former classmates, most of whom I recognize as not being honor rolls students liking the above two comments: You've got some mighty convenient memories, sports. I remember your entitled, lazy assess in high school. That entitlement is quite a trick, since only one classmate could be classified as rich and the rest of us were most definitely from blue collar families. Weirdly enough, the rich kid who was kind of a prick in high school, is not a prick and seems like a pretty straight-up kind of guy who isn't actively rooting for violence. You, however, are exactly the same spoiled brats I knew in high school whose first instinct was to smash shit if you didn't like it at first glance.

Plus, my "dear" former classmates, your reading comprehension sucks. Far as I can tell, the protest on Wall Street has fuck-all to do with college loans. None. Nada. Zip. Zippero.

What it's about is pointing out that no one — as in not one — person from Wall Street and/or the banks has seen the inside of a courtroom over crashing the economy. Furthermore, no one on Wall Street has taken responsibility. Worse, our cowardly politicians refuse to reinstate the regulations that were put in place during and immediately after the Great Depression, which were designed to prevent shit like this happening. (Much as I would like to blame Reagan 100% for this clusterfuck, Clinton gets to share the blame here as well.)

But most of all, the protests are happening because the 99% are paying for the top 1%, because God forbid the top 1% pay their fair share in taxes.

Seriously. It's really not that hard to figure out why people are protesting.

And actively rooting for the protestors to be subjected to violence is really too much, especially since you were the same people actively rooting for Teabaggers to cause violence during the whole healthcare debate.

Christ, what a bunch of hypocrites.

Pee. Ess. — I'm not saying you have to agree with the Wall Street Protestors, or even like that it's happening. Your prerogative, right? But actively rooting for violence to fall on people you disagree with politically? What the ever-loving fuck is wrong with you?

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