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Sorry to post and run, but I have to share this:

The new Ken Burns documentary, Prohibition, on PBS has been running for the past three nights.

Guess which company decided to pitch in for local co-sponsorship of the series on WGBH Channel 2 — Boston?

The Boston Brewing Company, makers of Samuel Adams Beer.

What? It amused me! It even made me laugh out loud!

By the way, if you missed Prohibition, you can watch it, and access the additional material, at

Highly recommended for its in-depth look on how Prohibition happened (Hint: It wasn't exactly overnight, and the prohibitionists actually kind of had a point.)

Was it my imagination, or was there a subtle parallel being drawn between Prohibition and our current War on Drugs?

I mean, the reasons for it happening, active lawbreaking by otherwise law-abiding citizens, tactics for enforcement, problems with enforcement, and ever-escalating violence sounded and looked awfully similar.

I'm just sayin'.

(And yes, I'm for full legalation. For all of it. Or, should I say, let's legalize and then tax the shit out of it. Marijuana legalization alone would get us as a nation lots of yummy tax money — not to mention the savings we'd realize when the police stop chasing pot heads for anything other than DUIs.)

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