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A New Way to Hear "Losing My Religion"

Hunh. This is pretty cool. A "scale-down video" in which all of the minor notes in R.E.M.'s "Losing My Religion" are now the major notes. It adds an interesting dimension to the song, that's for sure.

Looks like there might be a whole series of these "scale-down videos" over on Vimeo, to boot.

Hat-tip to Boing Boing
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REM is the one band that I've been truly upset about their break up.

I love this. Not just because the tonal differences are very interesting and reveal the layers of the song in a new way, which is all very cool. But because it reveals how deliberately intricate REM's music really is, even the radio friendly songs. I love to revel in the incredible talent of this band.
Hey, stranger!

Yeah, I have most of their CDs (including a couple of bootlegs of live performances). I've loved them for a long time. I'm sad they broke up, but I can understand them wanting to pull the plug, too.

This version...I dunno. It speaks to me on a weird level.
Thanks for posting it! I was very skeptical when I read the description, but I liked it. It felt weird though, like when I put my shoe in the wrong foot.
It took me two replays to really get into it (I thought it was tonally interesting, but like you I thought it felt wrong), but now I really kind of love it.
That one is good - but Riders of the Storm transferred to a major scale loses all of its impact. Weird...
I know, right? This one sounded like the best of the bunch.
this was gorgeous. gods, i love REM.
I miss REM.