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Thank You (Walk With Heroes Awards)

People looking for Part 6 of Water Hold Me Down can go here.

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who voted in the Walk With Heroes Awards.

Look! Pretty!

Duo BtVS Award

You can find Contrite Spirits at Fan Fiction Dot Net, Map of the Human Heart, I Need A Parrot, Buffy Fanfiction Archive, and Silverlake.

Team BtVS Award

You can find Into the Desert at Fan Fiction Dot Net, Map of the Human Heart, I Need A Parrot, The Darkness Within, and Silverlake.

I'm very pleased about these awards. Once again, I was in really good company for both the winners and nominees. All of the stories were of really high quality. Sadly, I didn't vote this time around, mostly because I was involved up to my eyeballs in another election, so I didn't finish reading all the nominees in time.

Congrats to everyone on my FList who won and was nominated. I'm glad to be in your company. ^_^

I highly recommend reading all the Round 2 Winners. (I also recommend doing back and reading the Round 1 Winners, too).

Heck, which not check out the Round 2 Nominees and the Round 1 Nominees.

Thank you all again!

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