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In which I show the love...

Making Fiends is awesome, so big love goes out hjcallipygian and szandara for pointing me to 14 Flash Episodes of Wicked Pissah Awesomeness.

Making fiends, making fiends, Vendetta's always making fiends, while Charlotte makes friends...

Heeeeee! I wanna be Vendetta, complete with Russian accent.

I won't get started on "The Vegetable Song."

In which I bring my brother over to the Dark Side...

Had a good Thanksgiving in the form of Mom's homecooked meal. (What? Me? Cook?)

Got my brother drmercurious to sell his soul to LJ (although some of his friends are already on board). His first entry? And God said, "Let There Be Strangeness," And LO, there were fundamentalist Christians.


And you thought I was trouble. Dude, he makes me look normal by comparison.

In which Mom and Dad buy my combined Birthday/Holiday present and I cheer...

Yes, yes. Day after Thanksgiving. Mass consumerism. Must avoid.

However, I need new clothes for work and Kohls was having massive pre-noon clothing sales. Mom and Dad combined my Birthday and Holiday presents and took me on a little spree.

Then I hit DSW where I got me two pairs of spiffy shoes to go with the clothes.

In which I plead for people to be nice to retail employees this year...

Then, thanks to a generous financial contribution (another combined Birthday/Holiday present) from my Aunt and her Sweetie, I bought a Rio Forge MP3 Flashplayer that I've been salivating over now for the past six months.

I did run into a little Best Buy annoyance when the people in the wireless department were shooting the shit and refused to answer my questions (I hadn't yet made up my mind to buy it). Instead, they said I should talk to someone lower on the sales floor totem pole. First I asked a person in a blue shirt who was nice and polite, but he explained that he did stock and didn't know anything about MP3 players. He pointed the wireless department people and said I should ask them.

Annoyed, I stomped over to the department next door and said, "Look, I just have two questions about the MP3 players, can anyone here help me since I'm being sent all over the store?" One of the people there was more than willing to help and answered my questions about the Rios. I got his name and made sure to grab a manager on the way out the door and sang this guy's praises to high heaven. I threw in the catch-phrase: "If he didn't take the time to talk to me, you would have lost a sale."

I also made sure to sing the praises of the stock room guy who was polite, told the truth about not knowing the products, and for correctly pointing out the people who should have helped me, but refused to even answer a single question.

Think it was mean?

I'm working Borders tomorrow, so I'll be on the other side. I worked Borders for three years. And no, it is not in the least bit unfair.

When a customer sings your praises to the floor manager, it actually counts for a lot. Some retail stores during this busy time of year will even give a gift cetificate for merchandise or a small cash bonus to the praised employee(s) when a customer goes out of their way to say something nice.

Managers get a lot of bitchy complaints (more than half of which are unfounded) during Christmas shopping season, so they're thrilled when a customer bothers to take the time to say that the floor sales people did a great job and it will actually benefit said retail employee(s).

When you work as a minimum wage slave like I have, those "little" incentives mean a hell of a lot, especially if you're worried about how you're going to afford holiday presents this year.

So, ummm, not to get preachy or anything, but if a retail employee goes out of his or her way to help you out, especially when things are crazy in the store, go out of your way to find a manager and tell them that the retail employee did a good job.


Do it for me, the person who'll be pulling a couple of holiday shifts at Borders.

In which I ask the age-old question: Why do some people insist on being *&(#!^^#! negative?

It all starts with a reasonable question on a certain wanktastic, character-centric, BtVS fic list: "What is the status of the Scoobs with New Council?" I can only assume the person asking wanted to know for fic reasons.

So, a few of us answer based on what little we know, thanks to S5 AtS. Nothing earth shattering. Just a list of bare-bone facts, along with a certain amount of fanwank (which we all clearly marked as fanwanks where applicable).

Cue entry of the wank brigade! Most notably the amazing negative nellies who refuse to see anything in a positive light.

I roll my eyes and pretty much stop reading half-way through the first day. (Those wankers! They move sooooooo fast!) The thing is, I have a real life. I was on deadline for a project that required me to focus on the wonderful world of cardiovascular health. Writing about cardiovascular health wins since I actually get paid for that.

Plus, I'm in the middle of writing a fic that I enjoy writing. People reviewing are willing to politely state what they like, don't like, and point out typos. Wank is kept to a minimum. Since writing for LJ is a hell of a lot more pleasant than getting even remotely involved in wank, I don't bother to check where it's going off hours.

So, I come back today and start clicking through this certain wanktastic list while trying to construct the next chapter (mostly because I needed a brain-break and hadn't checked in for a few days).

And lo! The "debate" (and I use the term loosely) has now descended into wankery. And name calling. I, it appears, have a "victim complex." Other people are dense. Or stupid. Or whatever the fuck they're supposed to be.

Let's not get into the character bashing now already in progress. No. Really. Let's not.

I'm not even getting involved. I posted twice (answers the first time, refutation of someone else's negative take the second) and I really have nothing more to say.

Can someone please tell me why this list is so amazingly wanktastic? Can someone tell me why there seems to be this incredible inability to agree to disagree? Why is it that just about every damned debate literally descends into a contest where you want to ask the combatants, "Let's all just whip our dicks out and see who's is bigger?"

And it's only gotten worse in recent months.

My own brother, who is highly amused by wank in all its forms, says he can't even look at this list without his eyeballs bleeding. My fave criticism while we were setting up his LJ: "What is the deal with all the anime crossovers? No. Wait. What's the deal with all the crossovers with bad anime?"

Since my brother was watching anime before it was "cool" and in the original Japanese (read: before you could get anything more than bootlegged copies of anime that had been converted from PAL to NTSC VHS), when he says something is bad anime or that some of the crossovers with the chosen anime make no sense whatsoever to him, I'm going to take him at his word.

I think, in his phrase, he called this list a wanktastic, crossover hell. Heh. That's about spot-on. He's about ready to write a fic that'll cause people's heads on the list to explode, which, on further reflection, would be kind of awesome if he did.

Not that I'm encouraging him or anything.

In all honesty, I can understand why there are authors who've walked away from the list, will not publicize their LJ locations, and have started refusing to post their fic there.

It's frustrating as hell. I've all but stopped reading (the "New Council" question was the first message I had even read since I stopped writing Living History) and I'm seriously considering walking away, even though the list has a positively huge membership and potential readership for the fanfic I write.

Truthfully, I'm not sure it's worth the aggravation. Between the unbelievably high signal-to-noise ratio, the monthly explosions of nasty wank, a lot of stories that are simply crap, and the inability to even find the stories I want to follow among the posts, I'm ready to throw in the towel.

Why am I still there? Why?

Oh. Wait. Because the sane wing of this list needs everyone they can get. Still, I'm questioning whether I want to continue on in the Fellowship of the Few, the Proud, and the Brave.

The tinfoil quotient. It burnses. The sad thing is, all BtVS characters seem to have this tinfoil hat brigade (which is far less pronounced for AtS). Even more sad, almost all fangroups seen to be defined by the extremes. But I'm sick of being lumped in with the extremes that hang this group or being perceived as one of the extremists because I'm a member of this list.

I've said it once, I'll say it again: "If these are [fill in your favorite character's name] fans, god help [your favorite character's name] fictional soul."

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