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Squeeeeee! Books! Books! Books!

Found via Metafilter:

The University of Adelaide in Australia has a boatload of classic books online that are downloadable (for those of us who like to read paper), formatted (for easy on-screen reading), and easily available.

*does butt dance in my chair*

Have I mentioned that they've got my man Nathaniel Hawthorne and his major works there?


Why yes! Yes they do! YAY!

Have I mentioned that Young Goodman Brown served as something of an inspiration for Water Hold Me Down (Part 11 can be found here)?


Ummm, I promise it won't be quite as dark as Young Goodman Brown...well, not the ending anyway...


I love it when books pass into the public domain. Of course, I already own a lot of Hawthorne's books, but now I can do text searches online and visit whenever I want.

Yes, yes, I know about Project Gutenberg and the Online Books Page, but I rather like what our Australian cousins have done with their online books project.

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