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Wheeee! Star Wars Christmas Special Day! There are online clips!

This is especially for you ludditerobot, since you you started the madness.

There is...tah-dah! A Star Wars Holiday Special Web site that includes actual clips from the long-lost show, photos, and tons of other "goodies" so you can "relive" the "glory" of this singular event.

I vaguely remember this, if only because I remember my mother complaining that Carrie Fisher seriously needed to wear a bra. No mention of the fact that Carrie looked like she needed to sober up, too.

Wheeeeee! It was two hours? Really? I can't imagine having the patience for watching this stuff.

found via Nerdfilter.

Oh, and for my darling brother, drmercurious who will definitely enjoy this one: Disclaimer Stickers for Science Textbooks. After being awash in bad science yesterday, this was laugh-worthy since they were produced tongue firmly in cheek. Heh.

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