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They Can't All Be Lying...

The Guardian has a little something to say about U.S. activities in Falluja.

Maybe you can call one person/organization a liar and propagandistic. However, this is a pretty long list all gathered in one nice little package of people and organizations that started screaming about Falluja back in April and what happened to those same people and organizations before and during Falluja Part II.

What prompted the article? When you've got a U.S. ambassador trying to interfere with a sovereign nation's press, the press of a supposed ally, alarm bells should be a-ringing in your head.

Let's just say that someone doesn't look good. [Hint: It's not the Guardian. Anyone reading the foreign press of even "U.S.-friendly" nations knows the Guardian has the proof on its side.]

If you don't want to be upset with the U.S. government for the rest of the day, do not click on the link.

People who are unhappy with me posting stuff like this on my own LJ, which I pay for btw way, tough shit. Suck it up and don't read if you don't want to hear it.

But you're going to keep seeing stuff like this from me if you stick around, because I'm not letting go on this.

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