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Pimp, pimp, pimp...New LJ Faith Community

People looking for Part 12 of Water Hold Me Down, go here.

A little pimp for the Faith writers out there: facets_of_faith has started as a fanfic community focused on Faith, including Faith alone, Faith in ships, and Faith in...well, you get the idea.

It's all Faith all the time. *heh*

Me? I'm psyched there's a new community out there where I can post Ishmael Sings of the White Whale, besides on my own LJ.

Small community, but it just started yesterday. Think we can get it higher than 100 by the end of the week?

According to LJ mistress empressvesica all Faith fics are welcome. Don't forget to read the rules here and then sign up for the fun.

You know, it would help if some F/Xers out there joined in the fun. I know we're a little bit of a reticent group...*heh*

I know there's a million fics I want to rec, but I'm sneaking this in at work. (small voice: sorry guys) and I just wanted to pimp the new community. I'll be busy for the next couple of be kind.

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