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Happy Tax Day! And more Deep Space Nine goodness.

*Blech.* Mailed out my forms on Monday. I'm trying to figure out how it's possible that I earned less last year than I have since college and ended up *owing* money.

But owe money I do.

Tax cut my ass. I don't have kids. I'm not married. I don't own a house. And I'm not in the top 10% wage bracket (even with my nifty new job). Something tells me Dubbya's tax cuts weren't made to benefit people like me.

The only bright spot is I probably won't owe money when I file next year.

Gakked this link off othercat who was pointing at dovil 's story called "What's Yours Is Mine." (Here's the link:

I read this one a giggled my ass off. Nice snarky Xander, nice uncertain Willow, and weird Spike. For those of you who are squicked out by such things, a warning: slash content (the rating is, at best PG, so no "on screen" sex). Someone obviously has the same pet peeve as I do: If BtVS vampires bit as often during sex as fannon would have us believe, then why the hell is Buffy not a walking pin cushion?

Heh. It's short and sweet, so people who don't have slash issues, go read for a giggle.

Side note for people interested in Deep Space Nine:

saturn_girl was good enough to point me to a message board where one of the writters who worked on the first five seasons of Deep Space Nine hangs out. He's opened a thread in celebration of SpikeTV starting their reruns and he's answering questions (first five seasons only) about the series. It's a cracking good read. You can check it out here:

I'll post the next chapter of "Living History" tonight, but only after The Apprentice finale. I'm a sad, sad, sad girl. Go Kwame!


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