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People looking for Part 13 of Water Hold Me Down go here.

Gakked from desoto_hia873:

For some reason this makes me deeply happy. Maybe it's the Heyna!Xander picture. I dunno.

I'm Season One...I ate the principal.
You're season one. You're clever, but not very

Which Buffy Season Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Anyway, have I mentioned how much I love mixes? I mean, I totally adore the whole thing when DJs cleverly mix two or more songs together to come up with something original and new.

Shuttup. I'm a sucker for a good mix.

Thanks to the MP3 blogs today, I came across an awesome DJ with cool mixes. I've been grooving at work all day...since it's pathology day I needed I little grooving.

Check out Party Ben and his amazing downloads. Let's just say that the theme for Part 11 of Water Hold Me Down has been changed. It's still got Boulvard of Broken Dreams by Green Day in the mix, but this new mix with Boulevard is soooo much better. So, the new theme for Part 11 is...{insert drumroll}...

Boulevard of Broken Songs (Green Day vs. Oasis vs. Travis vs. Eminem) by Party Ben.

Go. Download now. S'good. I'm definitely look at you hjcallipygian, given the friendslocked discussion we got going in your journal for your fic The Twins. Let's just say I think this will be excellent mood music for ya. Heh.

Anyway, apologies for the wait on Part 14 for Water Hold Me Down. There's a lot of information that needs to be put forward in the next part in order to move the Cleveland half of the story forward. While all the information I need to put forward is ticking along point-by-point, the exposition took a form I didn't expect. It isn't so much a struggle to pull it together as it is to reign everything back down to Water Hold Me Down levels and prevent a Living History-like blow-up. Water is meant to be a more intimate story, not a grand romp.

Have I mentioned that I'm stupid? And complicated? I know Part 14 will be ready by the end of the week, so no worries.

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