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'Tis the season.

And because we're on four-day work week, crap has to get done at work and that means longer-than-average hours. Needless to say, I've been a bad hostess with the mostess on my LJ, so I apologize.

I will have a new part of Water Hold Me Down posted before Friday, it's just that it may be on the short side. Might be for the best since my brain is killing me.

Plus, this part is what someone on my FList dubbed a "Basil Rathbone" part. Not a whole lot of action, but a lot of laying down the rules Xander will be living by for the middle leg of the story. Poor Xander. *pets woobie* So clever and yet so wrong at the same time. So needless to say, the informaiton is a little dense.

Maaaaan. I have next week off. I can't wait.

Mostly I was a float-y blob on the couch tonight while I watched The Amazing Race and House. Thankfully, George the Amazing Lovebird clued in that I might be on the tired side and did the puffy bird thing on my shoulder while we watched. He only tried to snatch some stewed tomatoes for his greedy little beak once, so it was all good.

And just how much do I hate Jonathan on The Amazing Race? Let me count the ways. I want this bastard to go down in flames and to be served with divorce papers. Asshole.

How much do I love Gus and Hera? Gus is DA MAN. A regular encyclopedia of information. His daughter is such a sweetie. I'm so happy they're in third. Plus, I fluve their attitude: they know they're not going to win on brawn, but they managed to push themselves from fifth to second (for a brief moment) using their brains. These two rock. I soooo want them to win and I think they have a good shot. I feel sad for the wrestlers though. I don't know why, but I kind of like them, too. But 'To Be Continued?' NOOOOOOOOO!

I haven't seen much of House, but I did manage to see it tonight. It's quite good, although I admit that casting Hugh Laurie is somewhat jarring to me. First, the fake American accident is pretty good (although it cracks my shit up to hear it come from a veddy British actor), so I admit to a little squee-age (tired squee-age) when he did a snippet of British accent while trying to con another doctor into believing he was calling from London.

Plus, seeing the guy who played Prince-Thick-As-A-While-Omlette-George and Lieutenant-Does-This-Dress-Make-Me-Look-Fat-George from Blackadder playing a smart, tough, emotionally cut-off, American doctor is just a little too surreal. I was half-tempted to toss Blackadder the Third or Blackadder Goes Forth into my DVD player so my world would be set aright.

Wonder if Netflix has any Fry and Laurie? I remember one skit where Laurie did the most amazingly annoying immitation of Bruce Spingsteen that was hilarious to behold. I know they've got Jeeves and Wooster, but I never warmed up to the series when they showed it on my local PBS.

Maaaaan, I would so kill to have Rowan Atkinson or Hugh Laurie's normal comedy partner Stephen Fry make a guest appearance on House. Sure, it would be stunt casting to the max, but at least Atkinson and Fry are, you know, good.

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