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Oooooo. Feel like crap...

I think I got hit with something last night. Feels like a baseball bat between the eyes. *ow*

Oddly enough, when I'm out of it. I play with pictures. Or stare at pictures. Or stare at the cracked ceiling. Plus, I don't sleep and instead become restless. *blech*

Maybe I'm so tired that I can't sleep?

Look at me not make sense.

End result? I started experimenting with my photo editing software that comes standard with my now-two-year-old HP while feeling sniffy, achy, sore-throaty, and miserable, and *YEOW!* Icons for "Living History." I found this insane site with a million behind-the-scenes BtVS and AtS pictures and pub shots. Perfect for somenoe like me who just started playing with photomanip software for the first time in her life last night.

My first shiny icon? Now my default. I have a few others. And now that I'm all paid-account having, I'll be loading up. (And probably buying more space...sad).

Since I'm not home (still at work staring helplesslessly at the pharmacokinetics of a particular drug. Usually I'm hip to what this stuff says, but not today so much.) I don't have the link on me. If I can manage to crawl my ass to a computer tonight, I'll post the link then.

Hunh. Any iconers wanna share their sooooooper sekrit sources for icons?

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