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Happy Holidays...

I'll be off-line for the next few days, but I wanted to wish all my FListers and lurkers a Happy Holidays (whatever holiday you celebrate).

Right now, I have to spit-polish George the Amazing Lovebird for his visit with the Rents, wrap presents (supposed to do it last night, but got tied up with a friend on the phone), and reburn a certain Dad's CD since for some reason it got all screwed up while I was doing it last night. *kicks computer*

In the meantime, I picked up this very interesting number from one of the MP3 blogs where I work. I love the Carol of the Bells but for some reason this one hits a sweet spot that's surprising (not a huge fan of The Calling). It's maybe the darkest rendition I've ever heard of this particular carol.

DOWNLOAD (good for seven days): Carol of the Bells by The Calling

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