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Dis and Dat (or, Demons and Music)

People looking for Part 17 of Water Hold Me Down, click here.

ETA: Happy B-day to dlgood (thank you Flist for pointing out it was his b-day). Also, I know I missed a lot of people with b-days on my Flist this week, so happy b-day to you as well. Someday LJ will re-install the Flist b-day reminder.

Potential fanfic references:
Aside from BtVS/AtS, these references might be useful for any fandom that deals with the supernatural and/or magic.

  • The Skeptic's Dictionary
    Explored from a Skeptic PoV, but it looks like that there's some interesting stuff in here that could be applied to a fantasy or other genre setting. I.e., getting some real history behind the development of, say abracadabra, to use in your story or have the "people in the know" dealing with people who don't believe this stuff. Newish, but may be interesting to keep an eye on it.
  • Acadine Archive
    Rather new Wikipedia-style Web site of the occult. Worth watching because it has great potential.
  • Gallery of Demons @
    Interesting bestiary of demons from around the world. A good place to get started if you're looking for something otherworldly cool and based in actual folklore. Definitely worth checking out if you're looking for demons from around the world.

I'm a little obsessed about this mash-up stuff:

  • A List of Mash-up Sites?
    I meant to post this a big back when I spotted it on MetaFilter. Tons of links to mash-up music sites as well as links to other MetaFilter links to mashup sites. Go and download. It looks like a lot of the music is free.
  • A Night at the Hip-Hopera by the Kleptones is amazing!
    Essentially it takes Queen's Night at the Opera and mashes all the songs ideologically and musically with rap and hip-hop works. The entire virtual album flows seemlessly from one track to another. It's so hard to describe, but so amazingly astonishing. Go, get it before it gets shut down.

Finally, because this song cracked my shit up so much that I was laughing hysterically in my cube:

I Touch Myself by Scala Choir. Yes, that 'I Touch Myself.' The one by Divinyls. I'm just trying to get my head around an all-girl choir singing this song. The result is just positively, mind-boggling, bizarre. [The download is good for seven days.]

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