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Still sick...

Managed to sneak into the latest edition of nwhepcat 's Lilac City and it appears there's quite the kerfluffle over there. Given the way my head is pounding, I backed slowly away from the nice nastiness.

Love and kisses to you nwhepcat . I feel your pain. A good debate is one thing about character motivations and what makes people tick. But getting pissed off at the author and ranting at him/her without one stitch of constructive criticism in the bunch? Sooooo, not cool. Frankly, I thought she laid the reasons for different character's actions out very well. I certainly am pleased she's going in a different direction with the vampire in question (if only ME had the balls to do that with Spike instead of throwing "Buffy obsession" in the mix to muddy the waters). Evan, in many ways, is a far more challenging character than Spike ever thought of being (IMHO) because his decisions are based on a form of logic (or cost/reward if you will) and it makes a hella lot of sense to me.

Then again, I'm looking at a writing a story which has a lot of Spike in it (a character I loathe) just to see if I can write a character I dislike that much with anything resembling an even hand, so I've probably been mulling the "vampire issue" more than I would've in the past.

Just to get up on a soapbox here: I know what it's like to put a fanfiction out there and run straight into a buzz-saw. I'm not talking about constructive criticism. I'm not talking about people debating back and forth about whether you laid the groundwork for plot points. I'm talking about starting fights or flaming the author (publicly) because you don't like what they write. LJ, in some ways, can just enhance the problem because almost all FB is so public and the rudeness can get out of hand.

Like I said, I've run into the buzzsaw. Oddly enough, Into the Desert fell into a love-hate category with a lot of Spike fans taking the time to tell me in as many four-letter words as possible how much my writing sucked (ouch). Now that is something I can't figure out since I thought Spike in that story came off rather well and even...sympathetic.

Living History has been buzz-sawed to death on my test list for the story. At one point, every time I posted, I sparked a shipper war and screaming match that soon no longer had anything to do with the story but about how much this, that, or the other character sucked. *rolls eyes* I had people screaming at me about the Faith/Xander thing. I had people screaming at me because they didn't like what I was doing with Dawn. I had people sharpening the knives for Buffy.

It got to the point where I couldn't even write the damn story. I was posting parts I had written months before because my brain froze. I had to stop reading FB for a while. At one point I finally snapped and sent the world's nasiest email out, which is a *huge* no-no, but I couldn't take it any more. It was short and sweet: "The story is what it is. Please keep your FB on the story. I don't care what your ship preferences are. I don't care that you hate this, that, or the other character. Stop it, or I leave and take my story with me."

I felt bad for sending it, but it was nice to see the apologies. And I felt better when people spoke up in my defense by saying that I was right.

Thing is, I would never flame an author. I certainly wouldn't do it publically. If I thought an author had potential, but had some weaknesses, I'd send constructive criticism privately.

Frankly, I think nwhepcat is doing a damn fine job with her opus that is Lilac City, and I will be the first to admit that I at first approached the story with some trepidation. Any other author I would've stopped reading after the first chapter, but she's a damn fine author and she's earned my benefit of the doubt (whether that means something or not, I don't know). I'll be the first to admit that I wasn't sure about Evan, either, but I like what she's doing so far with it and can't wait to see what happens next.

Oh, and while I'm here, props to ludditerobot for his shot to the heart that is For David Beckham And All The Bloody Greyhounds. Excellent piece of work that is very much worth reading. Heart-breaking and dark. All hope cannot escape. Make me want to jump up and down on his head and order him to finish his Riley story and Snowblind.

Now that I've completely pissed off anyone cruising by my journal, or at the very least made myself sound like an utter snobby stuck-up ass, here's that Web site for the pictures (there are so MANY):

FYI: It's in French, but if it's not a problem for a third-grade reading level like mine, it shouldn't be a problem for anyone.

Oh god. I actually can't wait to see the doctor tomorrow.


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