liz_marcs (liz_marcs) wrote,

'Cause she's pimpin'

Have I mentioned how much I hate ludditerobot lately? He asked a question: If Xander went off the deep end, would Willow be able to talk him down?

It's interesting to note that as much as many of the commenters love the big lug, we pretty much concluded: "No."

Now because of him I have this bizarre little fic bunny running around in my head that won't go away. No, no, no! Must finish Water Hold Me Down and then move on to Discovering the Truth About the Wizard of Oz. Plus, I'm fairly certain that I'd be accused of character-bashing Xander if I wrote this fic bunny. EEEEEEEEE!

Anyway, visit ludditerobot's thread for some interesting character dissection.

airawyn has launched an interesting AU starting with the end of The Gift called The Hunt for the Chraka Rathklo that posits the idea: What if someone with a stronger personality than Warren Mears was leading The Trio? What if the Trio were really The Quartet? And what if that person was Xander? Can you say superhero team anyone? It promises to be a charming story worth following.

Congratulations to hjcallipygian for finishing Of Those Chosen: The Twins. Yet another take on the post-Chosen world. He ends the story in a heart-breaking, yet believable way. And fabulous logical thinking on why Willow can't save the day. Thank god it's the beginning of a trilogy because I think I would've wept if the end of this story was the end period. Give him big love.

othercat has an untitled post-apocalyptic Xander fic that's intriguing as much for what it doesn't say as for what it does.

witling's Charity Fic for Tsunami Relief Little Shadow which is just heart-breaking. Xander as the last man on earth. For those of you who don't like it, there's a slash warning, however, I find it perfectly in character. Spike and Xander finding comfort wherever than can.

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