liz_marcs (liz_marcs) wrote,

I think this means trouble...

Lori Bush (some people might know her as a B/X fanfic writer) was in town Wednesday night, so needless to say I came in very late (or is that early? so hard to tell...) Wednesday night/Thursday morning. Plus, the night before we were on the phone for two hours talking about dis and dat. We had loads of fun.

Of course, it helped that we were taken out by a nice group of people to Smith & Wollensky in the Castle in downtown Boston. Bonus! I even finally got to see what one of the hotel rooms look like at The Park Plaza Hotel. To repay the nice group of people, I walked them over to the Bull & Finch Pub aka Cheers and through the Public Gardens.

All and all, a fun night.

In other news....

Is it a bad sign that while I'm writing the next part of Water Hold Me Down I keep listening to American IV: The Man Comes Around, especially the song Hurt? I think it's pretty much a sign that your characters have walked off the cliffs of despair.

It's a Xander/Willow parallel chapter. Xander manages to jump to a hellish conclusion about his situation. Willow solves her problem, but she pays in blood for it. Eeeeek. It's actually a difficult chapter to write (more difficult than I anticipated), so there's a delay in posting it. I apologize.

Plus, it's interesting to realize that Tony and Jessica Harris are actually two important (if off-stage) characters in Water Hold Me Down, which probably explains why I've been picking a little at a Tony Harris fic called Cuckoo in the Nest. I didn't even realize I was doing it until last night. I keep getting Leonard Cohen's Everybody Knows in my head for this little thing. It's not really part of Water Hold Me Down, but it helps a little to keep my characterization focus.

Hmmmmm...I suspect some unlucky people might get stuck with a beta in the not-too-distant future.

Apologies for being a little rare online. Like I said, busy week at work and at home. Hopefully the situation will be a little better in a bit.

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