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Dear ListOwner...

You supposedly "own" this het-only Xander fanfiction wanktastic Yahell Newsgroup with more than 1600 members, aka The XanderZone, aka "There's a Reason Why Het-Xander Writers Have to Overcome a Bad Reputation and You Guys Are It."

So why don't you fucking act like it? No. Really. I'm dying of curiosity.

Some people do, in fact, find it vaguely nice of you to allow wanktastic, off-topic discussions that have absolutely nothing to do with:

  • Xander as a character

  • Buffy or Angel the television series in general

  • Discussions about fanfiction writing, resources, and acquisition of skills

  • Questions about where people can find a beta. Not that the people who need it the most on this list would dream of having their delicate muses squashed by the actual imposition of proper spelling and grammar, let alone honest criticisms on how to pull their stories out of the suck where most of these stories do, in fact, live

  • Feedback to fanfiction stories that somehow, don't ask me how, will not inevitably devolve into some wanky flamewar over bullshit

  • Fanfiction, because god forbid a fanfiction list should have actual fanfiction posted to it

Note that I said "some people."

Let it be further noted that I am not one of those people.

I've come up with a list of what makes me unhappy about you, your list, and the biggest mouths on it who keep sucking the oxygen out of the room before the rest of us get a chance to even breathe.

The neverending weekly stream of OT posts? Suck.

You for allowing it to continue for the past fucking year? Really suck.

You for allowing this latest never-ending OT thread to continue despite the fact that people are desperate enough to start bitching about it in public instead of the usual email directly to you? Doubleplus suck.

What really and truly grates my cheese? You're so happily wanking it up in the OT discussion thread that you obviously don't give a flying fuck that some of us are getting really, really pissed about this.

The fact that you (and your cronies) obviously have no fucking clue about the original series of Battlestar Galactica and are talking out of your collective asses? Really, really pisses me off. I've forgotten more shit about that series than you can ever hope to know. I still know more about everything in the original series than you do.

So shut your fucking piehole, Mr. Johnny-Come-Lately (and that goes for your fucking groupies, too). I was a goddamn fanatic about BSG when the other fenboi and fengrls laughed at us and used to stick gum in our hair on the playground and forced us to live in the Battlestar-fucking-Closet

Now, I'm not ranting about this. This ain't about me-big-fan and you-suck-fan.

I state the above because I have one simple question: What the fuck does the new OR original Battlestar Galactica have to do with Buffy, Angel, or Xander?

Now don't get me wrong. I fucking love the cheestastic original. I own the goddamn DVDs complete with special collection Cylon head. I also love the neoBattlestar Galactica and you can bet your ass I will be sitting on my couch in front of the SciFi Channel at 9 p.m. sharp to bask in the goodness my U.K. counterparts have told me about.

HOWEVER, I expect any and all disccussion of neoBSG and the original BSG to take place on the BSG Yahoo Message Group, of which I am a proud, long time member. I do not want, nor desire, a goddamn BSG discussion on a Xander-centric fanfiction list.

And this from someone who is an unapologetic fan. Just in case I need to repeat it so you can get it through your goddamn thick head.

So, unless someone is asking about a potential crossover or issuing a crossover challenge with BSG original or neo, it has fucking nothing to do with anything on the goddamn list and it DOES NOT BELONG THERE!



So let's review:

This OT thread on BSG (and the never ending streams of OT threads before it): Sucks.

You: Really suck.

You for ignoring complaints about it: Doubleplus suck.

So, I'm forced to conclude that the entire list: Sucks donkey balls.

I get down on my knees and thank god everyday that I'm on nomail for the list.

Furthermore, I plan on killing my membership very, very soon because you and your list aren't fucking worth it.

With totally no love to you,


P.S.: To anyone on my Flist, can you tell me about some nice Buffy-centric fanfiction archives I can start posting to? Because I have to tell you, I am one good Website and archive away from killing my membership.

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