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Nominations? Nominations! Wheeeeee! And one award!

I've been so piss-poor about checking my email that I had to hear from hjcallipygian that I was nominated for an award. (We're up for the same thing.)

So I finally get home after a 10-hour day at work and one of the worst slip-in-slide drives it's been my misfortune to drive (Yup! Snowing again here in the Boston area. It's pretty snow, but it's snow that's slippery.) and check my email.

Holy...someone's been a-busy nominating me. Thank you! I'm hugely touched!

FYI to people on my FList, some of you are nominees in these same awards, so clickety-click to see if you're there. (Yes! I even coded it right! Go me!)

(I'm such a dork. I never know when this stuff comes around. I'm so clueless about awards.)

Nominated for:
Journey (Long fic)
Wish It Were Real (UC Relationship)
Not Another Like It (Most Unique Plot)

Nominated for:
Best (Overall) Fanfiction
Oustanding Author
Best Long Fiction (Living History)
Best BtVS Fiction (Living History)
Best Plot (Living History)

Nominated for:
Most Unique Plot (Living History)

Nominated for:
Best Unconventional Pairing (Xander/Faith, Contrite Spirits)
Best Plot (Living History)
Best Post-Series Finale Fic (Living History)

ETA: marenfic just let me know that I've been nominated for Round Three of the Futureverse Awards. Thank you!

Nominated for:
The Magic Bus Award (Contrite Spirits)

And she just told me I also won a Futureverse Award (After the Rain) for Ishmael Sings of the White Whale. Pretty! And thank you very much.

I also want to congradulate nwhepcat who won the Magic Bus Award in the same round.

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