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I can't see the cars! They're buried snowdrifts!

I can't see across the street! It's a wall of white!

Winds are gusting up to 35 mph, with the windchill it's 12 degrees (F) below. I can't get out of my house!

Welcome to an old fashioned New England Nor'Easter!


They're saying more than three feet in my area. A friend of mine called from Maryland last night complaining that she had six inches of snow.


Well, at least I can clean my apartment, change my bird, and (lets out a slightly hysterical scream) try to catch up on the overwhelming feedback for Cuckoo in the Nest.

[Side note: Thank you everyone for the overwhelming response. I'm speechless.]

That last thing on my list is assuming my power holds out. So far, no outages, so my fingers remain crossed.

If this keeps up until late afternoon like they're saying AND if we get more snow dumped on us overnight like they're saying, I have no idea how I'm getting to work tomorrow. None.

Well, at least I managed to do some minor shopping via armed combat yesterday. Plus, I fired up the crockpot (first time evah!) with great success. Yesterday I made herbed round stake (four servings). It made this thick gravy with it and tastes oh-so-yum. A little onion-y, but pretty good otherwise.

Today it's herbed pot roast and it makes something like six servings. It already smells good.

Must go make breakfast now.

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