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Snowing, headache, and an LJ question...

It is now officially the snowiest day in the history of Boston. It's been snowing all day, which means we have more than 40 inches of snow on the ground. I can't even see around the drifts. *unh*

I've also been struggling with the headache from hell yesterday and today. *double ugh* I think I'm coming down with a flu-like thing, but it's hard to tell.

Finally, LJ question...

Is there a limit on how many friends LJ lets you have?

I ask because I just did a mass friending and had a slight hysterical heart-attack. Eeeep! No wonder why I'm having a hard time keeping up with people. The other thing is that I almost never do friends-only posts, so I'm wondering if there's a way to solve my reading the FList overload problem without insulting anyone.

Must go nurse head now...

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