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For the record...

I did not see a group of elderly Buddhist monks doing the conga in front of my house this morning.

Nope. Did not.

Nor did George the Amazing Lovebird start yelling for the monks to take it off, to take it all off.

Nope. He most certainly did not.

It appears that George the Amazing Lovebird thinks naked elderly Buddhist monks doing the conga is Pure. Comedy. Gold. (So he tells me.) Because dancing naked Buddhist monks doing the conga means jiggly bits. Throw in the bone-chilling minus 17 degrees Fahrenheit without the windchill factor and the 4-plus feet of snow, and you'll have shrinking jiggly bits, which in George's world is even funnier.

Since George doesn't actually have jiggly bits that hang around outside his body all the time, he's a little fascinated by the human jiggly bits phenomenon.

At any rate, I escaped the house before George could share his philosophy about how all problems on the planet pretty much comes down to humanity's lack of humor about their jiggly bits.

When I got into work, I was immediately accosted by my co-worker from Brazil (the movie, not the country), who asked me about the Buddhist monks doing the "Conga Line for Peace" through three contiguous towns.

Apparently the monks are hoping that by inspiring all races and creeds to conga together might bring world peace.

Now, I'm all for peace as a concept. I'm pretty cool with the elderly Buddhist monk thing, too. I'm even pretty okay with conga lines as a form of spectator amusement.

But a conga line outside on a day like today? Unh-unh. No.

Besides, the snowbanks are taller than me. I'm likely to get squished by a car before someone else joins the end of the line.


Maybe if I sneak out at lunch I'll see them conga-ing down the Mass Pike....

May your Rabbit Hole Day be shiny, bright, and amazing.

And if you see elderly Buddhist monks doing the conga in front of your house, please join in. Tell them I sent you.

And make sure they keep their clothes on.

George might be disappointed, but you gotta do it. Think of the children for god's sake!

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