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Humor and a little writerly encouragement for my FList

Why yes...I'm having one of those days.

For yours and my amusement, some oldies but goodies:

The Lockheed Martin F-16 Warranty Registration Card never fails to make me laugh like hell.

No need-a-laugh day is complete without Star Trek (TOS) vs. The Roadrunner. This makes the Very Secret Diaries (LOTR) look weak by comparison.

Whenever I need encouragement as a writer, I always open up Writing Is Easy by Steve Martin, which is a very old essay he wrote for The New Yorker. It seems a couple of us on my FList have been stimied on the writing front lately. This? This will make you feel so much better.

[Interesting side note: When I was younger and stupider, I believed that everyone and anyone could write. It came so easy to me, that I didn't actually think it was a talent so much as a learned skill. I got into a fight with a fellow magazine writer over this very issue. A week later, I found a photocopy of this essay on my desk along with a sticky note that said: "You have talent. If you never believe that, then you'll never do better than you are today." The sticky note didn't convince me, but this essay did. It also made me a Steve Martin fan for life.]

I hope everyone's day is better than mine has been. It's been such a blah day all around....

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