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Pimpin' for the remix...and a song for the day...

Just a reminder to all the writers on my Flist...

Sign ups for the remixredux is open until Midnight Eastern Time (U.S.) today, which translates to GMT -5 so, roughly 5 a.m. GMT [A.N.: Thanks rileysaplank for setting me stright].

I think doing something completely different may help me break down Willow's scene for Water, which is pathetically going at three paragraphs a night...bleh...

Also, note to self. Do not use the AlphaSmart while George the Amazing Lovebird is out because George the Amazing Lovebird thinks it's his personal toy. This results in birdy feet hopping across the touch screen while I'm not looking. He also attacks of the other bird in the reflective surface of the touch screen with his beak.

I'm very, very glad I have a screen protector on my Dana.

Have you ever seen a document edited by birdy feet and a beak? Have you ever seen a document written by somebody (we're not naming names) walking across the keyboard using said birdy feet and using his beak to try and yank out the keys in the keyboard?

It looks like your average script for Point Pleasant. Seriously.

And so, for everyone who is having a week of Mondays (or going on their second week of Mondays), here's a downloadable song. Some of you may know this as the song used in the HP Printer Ad.

Instead, I'm giving you the song as originally recorded by the Kinks. Once you hear the whole thing you'll kind of wonder what possed HP to use this song for the ad(other than the chorus, of course).

Is it a sign that I'm getting old when I remember hearing the original song on the radio?

Don't answer that.

Picture Book (mono) by The Kinks.

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