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I want my BSG...and a rec for MP3 library software

12-and-a-half hours and counting...

I cannot believe that Battlestar Galactica has enchanted me anew. I adored the cheesy original (and count the DVD set as one of my best-EVAH! Christmas presents), but I'm sooooo getting sucked into the neo. I've become squee fangirl. Naturally, Starbuck is my fave and, oddly enough, Caprica!Six. I don't know why she intrigues me, but she does.

It's sad that I can't dust off my old BSG fics floating around on the Net (and the ones that are off line) because most of them focused on Cassiopea. There's no Cassiopea in the new one, although I'm hoping for a male socialator to crop up in season two. Yeah, yeah, counting chickens and all that, but it's looking pretty good for a season two. In fact, I suspect neoBattlestar whipping Enterprise's ass in the ratings when they aired opposite one another was probably a big reason why Enterprise is no more.

Considering the bitter split between Ron Moore and Braga and Berman over the direction Voyager was going to take, Moore's probably feeling weirdly satisfied about that. It's interesting to note: a lot of what Moore is doing on Battlestar Galactica is stuff he wanted to do for Voyager (although probably toned down to better fit in the Star Trek universe).

Ahhhhh, what could have been.

Still, I take the triumphant return of Battlestar Galactica, even though it is very different from the original series, over a better Voyager any day of the week.

On another front, for those of us who cannot load iTunes onto our home computers, I thought I'd pimp this marvelous MP3 Database Software from Colectorz Dot Com called MP3 Collector. Holy crap! It's a powerful piece of software!

I tried the free versions of both MP3 Collector and Music Collector (for CDs) and I was so impressed that I ended up buying the full versions of both (you can get a combined package at a discount). Best of all? Pay once, get updated in perpetuity. I feel the serious love. Plus, if I ever get off my butt and do it, I can actually publish my entire collection list to a Web site. Pretty cool, hunh?

Last night I spent almost two hours fooling around with the MP3 Collector and, dear me...I have a lot of music on my home computer. We're talking hours of music, and I'm not even done getting the MP3 files done cataloged (I have discs and discs of MP3s that I managed to save after the last time my computer crashed).

I'm seriously considering getting an external hard drive to store it all, mostly because I don't want my insane collection to go bye-bye if my computer craps it. Plus, I'm thinking of throwing my fanfic and original fic snippets on the external drive. I've started getting very paranoid about losing this stuff.

And now...


This fits my mood...and the grey day we've got here in Boston. Oh, by the way, some language might not be work safe.

The Ice of Boston by The Dismemberment Plan

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