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I'm alive. No. Really.

Eeeeek, it's been one of those weeks.

Mucho thanks to ponders_life for contributing to my busy weekend last weekend. (Chick superbowl! With ice skaters! And spangly costumes!)

Naturally, I'm in for yet another not seeing my apartment weekend this weekend, too. BFF needs to get out (soon-to-be-ex will have the child for the weekend), plus, yummy brunch.

Which leaves my writing...heh.

Willow is *still* being a bitch for Water, but I'm chipping away at her. I'm also finishing up my remixredux story, which is going much better than it has any right to. It's also outside of my usual Buffy/Angel fandom comfort zone, which probably helps.

Also, this you gotta hear. Picked up from andyk250 on my FList...a Toronto band called The Vampire Beach Babes. I mean, c'mon, how can you not love this, their latest album cover?

Plus, free MP3 Downloads! You can stream their latest called Beach Blanket Bedlam. You can completely download their other two albums, Reckless Summer and Attack of the Killer Bikinis.

For a tiny taste of what can only be described as goth surf music...check out Attack of the Killer Bikinis.

Also a must? The bios! Seriously. If I was anywhere near Toronto, I'd be following these people around like they were the Dead.

C'mon. Give a listen. You know you want to...

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