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Interesting Fic-A-Thon


Stayed home from work yesterday and pretty much wimpered in bed when I wasn't tapping away on the keyboard. I feel like my head's gonna 'splode and my eyes are gonna fall out their sockets. As for food? Fergheddaboudit. Just looking at food makes me feel sick.

So where am I today?



I gotta finish this thing-y.

Did you know they've got medication for bedwetting? No? Me neither.

Sorry. It's the drugs talking.

Anyway, dropping in to pimp and interesting sounding fic-a-thon. I know booster17 and lisaroquin will probably be all over this since they're actually funny writers. I'm signing up just to try actually writing humor.

Here 'tis: Points and Laughs Funnyficathon: Laughing in the Face of Danger... being held by liz_will_ow.

The information:

Deadline to Sign Up: February 28th
Fics Due: April 1st (April Fools)


1. Real humor doesn't sacrifice the characters. This means that your fic shouldn't destroy a character's dignity for the sake of "comedy."

2. No silly fics. Silly fics reflect on number one. Number one is bad. So bad, in fact, that it deserves to be written Number One because it is now its own separate, evil entity.

3. Offense is great. Find a way to make serious subjects funny.

4. No PWPs. Unless it's a funny PWP.

5. Fics can have any pairing/rating.

6. Fics can focus on any character. Even to bash (as long as the humor that might be involved doesn't sacrifice the characters).

7. Get a beta for this.

8. Minimum of 750 words.

C'mon. You know you wanna...

*crawls back under desk to take a nap*

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