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Strange Request for the FList: Graphics Help for Soundtrack

Feeling much better today (I'm actually hungry), so thanks everyone yesterday for your good wishes. The fuzzy vibes worked. YAY!

I'm about to make a strange request.

Over the past year or so I've been tossing together a list of cool-ish tunes that might fit into a African Xander storyline (no, not planning to write a story). I've literally got a 34-song two CD set that mixes songs that have lyrics in English, Spanish, Turkish, Egyptian, Algerian, Kirundi, Zulu, Hindi, assorted other languages, and instrumentals.


So....ummmmm...I'm planning to finalize the playlist (mostly organizing the songs in a coherent story line...some I have to go by sound because I don't have translations for all of them...) so I can share it with all of you.

I was wondering if some graphically inclined person might be willing to do some CD covers according to the rules outlined here? I'd be willing to shoot over an "early draft" of the soundtrack ( get to beta me on whether the music flows to your ear as well as mine) for your listening pleasure. Plus, you'd get credit on several music boards where I plan to crosspost it.

As a side note: this idea was somewhat inspired by entrenous88's African Xander fan fiction list. So all blame should go to her.

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